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Why Matcha

Matcha Magic

 This is not your average green tea. As the centerpiece of the centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony, the art of matcha has been perfected over countless generations.



The History & Philosophy of Matcha

 The time-honored tea ceremony was first used in Zen Buddhist rituals over 900 years ago.

 The simple, austere practice of matcha became a revered ceremony called chanoyu.

 Out of the matcha tea ceremony sprang the philosophy of ichi-go, ichi-e—“one time, one meeting”—the value of cherished gatherings, where every moment is a once-in-lifetime event.

 Matcha reminds us that despite the repetitiveness of our daily lives, you can never perfectly recreate a moment—treasure every cup and turn teatime into a lasting memory.


How Matcha is Cultivated

 Our ceremonial-grade matcha is carefully cultivated in Uji, Japan—near Kyoto—according to ancient traditions and ethical, sustainable practices.

 20 days prior to harvest, the tea is shaded from direct sunlight to increases the chlorophyll and theanine levels. The best tea leaves are then carefully hand-picked, dried, and ground into a fine powder with stone tools.


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