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David Shephard, Matcha Zen Tea

David Shephard
Founder & Creative Director

My obsession with matcha began with a project I worked on for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. A little known brand called Far Coast, which had developed a matcha tea product, sold at the games. The brand is long gone, but it became the inspiration for our premium organic Matcha Zen tea and we’ve been enjoying matcha ever since.

From the emerald green lusciousness, to the subtly delicious taste, the experience of ceremonial-grade matcha is one you will want to write home about.

Shade-grown, hand-picked, stone-ground, and USDA certified organic, Matcha Zen is sourced from the historically fertile environment of Uji, in the Kyoto region of Japan, renowned for its matcha cultivation.

It’s easy being green! Here at Matcha Zen, we support sustainable and ethical practices: the packaging, canister, label, and sealed matcha bag are eco-friendly and completely recyclable. Help us to save the world, one cup of tea at a time.


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